” Ask and You Shall Receive is obviously written from a place of Passion, Knowledge, and Experience. The numerous real-life examples you will read (many times, if you are like me) balance well with the How-To sections and the positivity that courses throughout the pages infuses the book with an energy of purposeful pace that also gives abundant time to absorb and apply the ideas and exercises. From a personal point of view, the contents of this book have already begun working in my life. I am practicing what is prescribed and seeing results. I found it to speak clearly to me. If you have a penchant for practical solutions and clear instructions it will certainly be satisfied. The precepts and ideas in the book are familiar from the works of teachers like Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss, and Ram Dass, yet they are presented in such a way as to be brand new. No one, in my extensive study of both spiritual practices and storytelling, has focused so clearly on the Word, the all-important Logos. Receive Joy’s stated goal is a book that is “light and easy.” I found it to be tremendously so! It has Air, Space, Peace, and Love infused in it. This book was a great gift that came at the perfect time in my life. ”

– By Joey Madiaon June 3, 2017

” I loved the book. It is so inspiring, positive and so educative.
I loved seeing whole book written in simple words for anyone to understand, and exercises , it’s like being in the gym with the trainer . Shows every step you have to take to do that correctly.
The book was a very easy read and kept me interested all the way. I am forever grateful for the tools that I gained from this book.
I continue to reread this book in times of need.
I’ve learned to get up in the morning ready to start my day in a vibration of receiving! Thanks to this book and its authors .
Recommending to everyone !
Loved it !
Love and Blessings! ”

– Sky