The Power of Positive Words + the Law of Attraction + God = your Light and Easy life! This is “the secret beyond the secret”! This book will help encourage you to create and define a direction and plan for your life. I wish to share my Nine Step Method to empower everyone to feel the freedom of a light and easy life. Open your heart and your mind now and journey with me to a new and more powerful, focused and loved, aware and connected You. My heartfelt intention is for readers to feel abundantly encouraged with the desire to: – Receive joy, be happy, have fun, and celebrate – Be connected to God – Declare with faith – Dominate your life – Have an aligned heart and mind – Focus and ask – Love yourself – Be fulfilled with love and gratitude – Exercise a conscious mind through the use of clear thoughts and positive words – Pray and meditate often – Rediscover the truth






20 minute ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE MEDITATION in all positive words – listen to the truth about yourself!
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